About Us
Art Lab Recordings is an NYC recording studio based in South Ozone Park Queens, NY. We specialize in making creative ideas come to life by offering an exciting musical experience that is hard to come by.  Come record in a comfortable environment where you can relax and let the ideas flow.  We offer recording, mixing, free online music consulting, and free music promotion. 

Sessions must be booked 24 hours 
ahead of time.  A deposit must be
 paid before sessions to secure time
slots.  An invoice will be sent to 
clients via email to be paid with
debit or credit cards.

 For booking contact us at 347 744 5507 or email us at Studio@Artlabrecordings.com

Recording Sessions
Come explore your musical genius in the Art Lab recordings booth.  A fun environment and a satisfying product is guaranteed when you book a session with us.

Want to take the sound of your music to another level? Check out our Mastering services .  Our engineers will make sure your tracks come out sounding like they're ready to compete with some of the top artist in the game.
Our Services
Need to get some tracks mixed with a professional radio ready sound? Check out our Mixing services .  Our engineers will make sure your tracks get a high quality mix for a good price.

Free Music Consultation
Need some advice regarding how to become successful in the music industry? Email us at Studio@Artlabrecordings.com at anytime and we can answer any questions you may have.

Audio Engineer Classes
Interested in becoming an audio engineer? We offer classes starting at $25 per hour.  Learn how to mix professionally with the help of one of our highly skilled engineers.  This class is 3 hours on average and is unaccredited.